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The first and unique stabilizing system with electric actuator: a world of advantages for owners and shipyards. EU Patent n.2172396


Wide range of bow thrusters with electric transmission and dual counter-rotating propellers. Surprisingly low volumes and weights


Wide range of bow thrusters with hydraulic transmission and dual counter-rotating propellers. The reliability of established technology


  • "CMC Marine system, actually, is the perfect one and I’m very happy to have it on board. The system is working perfectly and it is very friendly to use; the big advantages are no noise, no hittings, no alarms, no hydraulic pumps. Actually the low electric power is enough to stay with one generetor overnight at anchor. This is why I really like CMC Marine stabiliser system. Talking about the maintenance, the boat is just one year old and now we are just checking the prechecks and the annual services. The maintenance has been very easy until today; if you compare with the other systems it is really friendly."

    Omer Balkan Captain
  • “To compensate for the higher centre of gravity, the shipyard has simply added more ballast low down in the hull and fi tted two electric CMC dynamic stabilizers that reduce roll by more than 80% when cornering into the swell”

    Yachts Emirates
  • “The optional CMC zero speed stabilizers were definitely a smart add-on, halting the pendulum effect one gets on many fl ybridges. This 80, hull n.1, was also equipped with bow and stern thrusters.”

  • “Integrating a large number of complex electrical systems required a lot of work in advance, and then considerable care in construction. With the electrical systems, we found some very important allies. The stabilisation system developed and manufactured by CMC allowed us to create a platform that is perfectly stable in all conditions, including at zero speed. Thanks to the high efficiency of CMC’s systems, we were able to use smaller fins, contributing to the hydrodynamic effi ciency.”

    Sergio Cutolo CEO Hydrotec
  • “I’m on board SoMar bringing her to Bodrum. […] Both thrusters and stabilizers performs very well. Captain is very happy with the thrusters. Underway stabilizing is great. Zero speed mode is Super as well ! There is no threatening hydraulic noise at all. Thank you for the eff orts and the great system.”

    Riza Tansu CEO Tansu Yachts
  • “Capt. Maresca is pleased with the electric stabilizers that give the boat the stability of a 50-meter, but allows her to maneuver like a 20-meter”

    Dockwalk magazine
  • “We have installed CMC SE160 type with 350HS fi n type to a  50m motoryacht last year. She had a succesfull season. Less vibration, noise and service costs made the owner happy.We have cleared around 2 qubic meter pumps valve groups piping  from the old system and cleared space in the engine room. This winter we have checked all releated works on the boat and withness no problems. Thank you for introducing us your  electric type stabiliser systems.”

    mr. Onet Yacht Manager
  • “To maximize onboard comfort and reduce energy use, the boatyard has equipped My Paradise as well as all Benetti Class models with a CMC Marine electrical fin stabilizer. Compared to traditional systems, the electrical fin stabilizer ensure reduce noise, increase functionality, reduced electricity usage, and ease of maintenance."

    Yachting Times


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Stabilis Electra, Covered by EU patent n. 2172394, is the world’s unique revolutionary system offered by CMC Marine to overcome the problem of limited dynamics of a hydraulic actuator.

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