Reinventing Innovation

CMC Marine has always been working in the shipbuilding industry, designing and manufacturing dynamic stabilization systems, bow and stern thrusters, and steer and control systems, focusing the complete Customer’s satisfaction, being it a shipyard or a ship owner.

CMC Marine will determine, comprehend and satisfy the Customers’ requirements (explicit and implicit) and the mandatory requirements:

  • By increasing the Company know-how through mentoring and training courses, with the aim to constantly improve its own organizational skills and personal expertise;
  • By ensuring the Customers’ and final users’ loyalty, through a constant support during all the project phases, while also guaranteeing reliability and technological innovation;
  • By promoting the Procedure Approach, in order to develop, apply and improve an efficient Quality Management System in accordance to the ISO 9001:2015 regulations;
  • By promoting the risk-based thinking approach, suitable to schedule and apply actions that will take on the risks and opportunities for the processes of the Quality Management;
  • By promoting continuous improvement of the products, of the services, of the Company performances and of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System, in order to increase the Customers’ and other involved parties’ satisfaction.


For this purpose, CMC Marine has the following targets:

  • Implementation, certification and maintenance of the Quality Management System, guaranteeing the necessary resources for this target;
  • Careful identification and satisfaction of Customers’ needs and expectations;
  • Increase of the associates’ professional involvement and competence;
  • Improvement of the company organization, by increasing the actions intended to afford the risks and take advantage of the opportunities.

These tasks will be monitored by the Company Management with periodic Quality Management System reviews.

The Quality Management System Responsible will be accountable for:

  • The Quality Management System compliance with laws and regulations;
  • The system performances and the improvement opportunities’ monitoring;
  • Promote and implement Customer Oriented Policies within the Company;
  • Guarantee the integrity Quality Management System in the event of system updates;
  • Guarantee a proper communication between the process owners and all the involved parties, in order to achieve the common targets, with the aim to create a close and beneficiary collaboration.

This document will be published and be available for the involved parties.

The Company Management requires an active cooperation, intended the declared targets and improvements listed in this document and in the annual management reviews.

IQ Net Certificate

IQNet International Certification

RINA Certificate

RINA Certificate for CMC Marine Quality System

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